"I see beauty in things you do wrong"

Ugly Things - The Relationship (via nnaannccee)


New material?! Yay!
Looking forward to it! 

Good news!

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My weezy light switch!


Brian Bell The Relationship


Brian Bell’s project “The Relationship” is available at iTunes.

Brian spent a lot of time working on this at emitter.



to witness sunlight barely piercing through the early, dusky clouds of a september morning synchronically in tune with The Relationship is the only perk of waking up at 6 to head to class.

I’m still mailing out stickers and buttons! If you recently submitted a request, they were sent out yesterday.


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moldycakemix asked:
Did you deliver the buttons already? I don't think I ever got mine. :(

I delivered a bunch like a week ago. Give it a couple more days, and I’ll send out more again if they still aren’t there.

Meanwhile at the blog headquarters…